Treadle units are activated by the forward or reverse rolling motion of the vehicle tires. The strips are activated in a sequential manner, due to their placement and separation in the treadle body. It is this sequential operation which provides directional information, and provides a measure of security from “incidental” activation, such as a pedestrian walking on the treadle body. In every case, it requires two strip activation to be considered a complete crossing.

Toll Collection System

Key features of our toll collection systems are achieved by promoting a balance of custom components and off-the-shelf-products. Our philosophy holds that the key to an optimum (price/performance) toll collection solution is in selecting and matching proven products and customized software tailored to the customer’s unique requirements.

TRMI Display

The TRMI Display uses a high contrast and bright LCD (liquid crystal display) designed for outdoor use and can be used in a variety of information-providing applications.


Excellent PFD! Really good screen resolution and awesome heavy duty housing. Now that I have used it a while I am very happy with it and feel that it was the best choice for the application.  I would highly recommend this PFD for anyone looking for a high quality patron fare display unit.

Francisco San Miguel Cameron County Int'l Bridge System, Texas