Parking Access

Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS)

TRMI’s first parking system installation was at Cameron County Parks & Recreation in South Padre Island, Texas. Similar to our toll collection systems, we can create a custom-integrated parking system that is tailored to specific requirements set by clients. Depending on the parking facility operations, we will take a “step by step” approach to meet client’s distinct wants and needs.

Some examples of what our system can implement are the following:

  • Gates, loops, and terminals to control access to parking
  • A system database server to store transactions and support reporting
  • Web applications for monitoring and reporting
  • Workstations for point-of-sale transactions
  • Video cameras and digital records
  • Integrated payment kiosks to accept cash and credit card payments
  • Window sticker or proximity reader system using RFID cards, which identifies each vehicle with parking passes
  • Multiple access points
  • Time of payment (during entry or exit)

Synergy with TRMI allows you to include equipment, networking, software, procedures, schematics, file structures, message structures, and reports.