About Us

About Us

For over four decades, TRMI has been producing custom-integrated electronic toll collection systems for public and private organizations. TRMI installed the nation's first all solid-state toll collection system at the Golden Gate Bridge in 1981, and has since installed systems across the United States and overseas from Norway to Australia. Our customers include nearly every US public toll agency, several private toll facilities, foreign toll authorities, major US construction firms, as well as other system integrators. This has provided TRMI with a broad base of experience and an in-depth knowledge of all facets of toll collection.

While cultivating long-term relationships with its customers, TRMI continues to improve its equipment and systems, keeping pace with the demands of the industry and the challenge of changing technology. TRMI designs and installs systems utilizing proven designs that are highly functional, yet easy to understand and maintain. TRMI customers come back to us year after year as they have come to depend on TRMI’s outstanding products and excellent customer service.

TRMI systems key features are achieved by promoting a balance of custom components and off-the-shelf-products. Our philosophy holds that the key to an optimum (price/performance) system is in selecting and matching proven products and customized software tailored to the customer’s unique requirements.

TRMI has a core group of technical and professional employees who work in the toll system development group, supported by technical consultants, administrative, manufacturing and assembly personnel.

All engineering, CADD design, assembly and testing are done in-house with our own personnel. TRMI headquarters has 30,000 square feet allocated to system development, assembly and production. Our development lab equipment includes over 100 lane controllers, workstations, routers and servers comprising over a dozen maintenance support toll systems. TRMI’s facility has a dedicated manufacturing area and an outdoor test track with a variable-geometry ETC gantry.

TRMI excels at working with customers to understand their requirements. TRMI documents the system requirements and the system design in a manner best suited for each customer. Our goal is to do this with the most concise documentation set that will satisfy customer requirements. The benefits are increased communication effectiveness and reduced labor costs for customers, consultants, and contractors when performing design reviews.

TRMI does all of its own installation work rather than delegating it to a third party. Most of our projects involve retrofitting existing toll facilities, we understand the need to maintain operations and maximize capacity during peak periods. Our installation crews along with facility supervisors successfully collaborate to get the new equipment installed with minimal disruption to patrons and users. By doing the work ourselves, it’s assured that the hardware is correctly installed and will yield the maximum performance and life.

TRMI offers a complete range of maintenance service contracts. Cost effective system up-time is our constant goal. TRMI has contracts where we provide maintenance on every subsystem and other contracts where we cooperate with other vendor maintenance personnel to support our customer.

TRMI provides all training, equipment, and maintenance services necessary to meet customer requirements. We invite you to call us and welcome your RFQs.