Ground Transportation Management System – GTMS

Ground Transportation Management System (GTMS)

TRMI has been in toll collection, access control, and ground transportation management for over 40 years. Our GTMS is cost effective and makes it easy to track the traffic flow of commercial vehicles. The system can monitor business vehicles including taxis, shuttle buses, limousines, etc. to help reduce traffic congestion.

An Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) system is used to count vehicle traffic. The system contains a series of electronic readers (radio frequency modules and antennas) that detect and monitor transponders mounted on passing commercial vehicles. The information of when and where a particular vehicle passes an antenna is documented and stored in a database. Clients who wish to track the overall flow of traffic can request inductive-loop traffic detectors which allow clients to monitor vehicle direction and motion.

Traffic controllers can select a desired amount of time they want to allow commercial vehicles to be on the property. The tracking device in the vehicle will notify controllers when a particular vehicle entered and exited the property. Vehicles exceeding their allotted time can be required to pay a fee for exceeding the permitted time limit.

The objective of this system is to reduce the amount of traffic, shorten loitering times, and help clients understand their current traffic flows. Our technology cuts down commercial traffic and can introduce clients to any internal problems that may need adjustments or updates. Our software system integration can be altered to meet the requirements of any custom demands.