Dual Tire Detectors/Single Treadle

TRMI’s Dual Tire Detectors consist of a set of two single-contact mechanical axle sensors mounted at an angle to the flow of traffic to permit the detection of dual tire axles. The strips are anchored in the roadway in two separate steel frames, which allow easy replacement of the axle sensors. This system will work for any size tire as well as any axle width.

Specifications for Single Treadles/ Dual Tire Detectors:

  • Sealed outer rubber shell
  • High durability “GRS” rubber compound
  • Resists wheel abrasion, sun rays, high and low temperature, water, oil, salt, grease, and other corrosive materials
  • Hardened stainless steel contact strip
  • Low resistance contacts
  • 50 foot, 600V rated SO cable standard
  • Molded in cable
  • Closing pressure 35 – 60 psi
  • Unit is factory tested for pressure, water, and electrically tested to insure proper operation
  • Available sizes: 6’ & 8’