B&M Bridge Toll Collection System Upgrade Complete

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November 27, 2018, the TRMI Team began the installation of a Toll Collection System (TCS) Upgrade for the Brownsville & Matamoros Bridge Company in Texas. The original TRMI system was installed almost 10 years ago, collecting fares across the Texas and Mexico border in north and southbound directions. This upgrade features TRMI’s latest Sentinel™ 2.0 software, which included advanced reporting, real time lane and plaza monitors, and an alert messaging system.

The preparation for go-live consisted of installation and testing of all new hardware as well as setting up the lanes and toll booths for the transfer to the TCS Upgrade.  A new server room was designed and equipped with all new networking and computer equipment, updated network communication terminations, and cable management to meet Sentinel™ 2.0’s requirements. Toll collectors, supervisors, and management were thoroughly trained prior to go-live for smooth future operations.

B&M’s Toll Collection System Upgrade went live at midnight on December 1st. Transitioning from the legacy system to the upgraded system resulted in a seamless system transfer with no down time of lanes or transaction interruptions.

TRMI is proud to add another successful system install, continuing our record of completing projects on schedule and on budget.