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The Revenue Markets, Inc. (TRMI) is incredibly proud to announce we are celebrating our 50th anniversary of being in business!  This milestone is one not many companies can boast about, especially a smaller company such as ours.

Founded in 1974 by Robert Rosakranse, our company began with just one piece of equipment, the four-contact treadle which has been patented and has been the bread and butter of our sales since our inception.

Originally the rubber for the treadles was processed and supplied by Goodall Rubber company in New Jersey.  The treadles would then be assembled in Robert’s home garage.  Fast forward to 1990, TRMI relocated to what is now our current headquarters in Accord, NY. The Goodall Rubber company was going out of business and negotiated an offer to Mr. Rosakranse for the entire collection of rubber processing equipment and materials.  The equipment was dismantled in New Jersey and shipped to Accord on several trucks.  With the help of Goodall technicians and months of hard work, the equipment was up and running and we were producing and assembling the treadles in house; this equipment is still in use today.  To date, we have manufactured well over 50,000 treadles, including the four and two contact versions, as well as single strip.  Our treadles can be found throughout the United States, including some of the much older units with millions of counts still in operation.

During the late 1970’s TRMI began manufacturing entire toll systems, from the roadway equipment to the collector terminals, to the back office and administrative services.   We supplied the first State of the Art toll system at the Golden Gate Bridge in 1981.  Currently, our toll systems are located nationally, in states from the east to the west coast, southern border and Canadian border.  We take pride in the fact that many of our customers have been with us for decades, as we have built lasting relationships based on customer service, quality, and trust.  We also can tout the fact that we have several employees who are celebrating over 30 years of employment with us.

Our dedicated team at TRMI has been instrumental in helping us to the milestone we have reached this year.  We most certainly couldn’t have done it without them.  TRMI takes immeasurable pride in our work, our reputation and our long run in the industry.  Here’s to our continued success in the coming years!

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